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11-09-07 18:26


*„Testimone di Pace 2007“
presentacion of prices to the Peacecommunity San José de Apartadó in Ovada/Italy.

*One more dead person in the neighbourhood of San José de Apartadó

*„Testimone di Pace 2007“

The price was given to the Peacecommunity at september 11th. It goes every year to persons and groups, who stand up for peace and nonviolence in a special way. The presentacion of prices is connected with a sum of 5000€ and took place in the central theater of Ovada.
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*One more dead person in the neighbourhood of San José de Apartadó

by comunidad de San José de Apartadó

At august 31st 2007 Alfonso de Jesus Bedoya Florez, a 19 year old farmer, left his hous at 15.00 pm to collect firewood.
His sister was waiting for him the whole day and the following night. The next day she was finally informed about the murder of her brother and that his body lies in the hospital of Apartadó. The doctor who gave back the body to Alfonso´s family said, that he found serious marks of torture and that Alfonso was murdered on the morning of september 1st.
"Alfonso wasn´t a member of the Peacecommunity, but he was very well known as a farmer in the neighbourhood. We connect ourselves in full solidarity with his family and furtheron we will work for a world, where this horror can`t appear anymore."

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