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15-06-07 17:54
letter to President Uribe from the youthschool "Global Learning"


Dear Mr. President Uribe:

Right at the beginning of this letter I want to inform you that I am writing to you to ask you to support the Peace Community San José de Apartadó in Colombia by helping to protect this community. You have the power to change every thing; you have the power to stop the brutal murdering in San José!

I am living in Tamera in the South of Portugal in a peace research village. Six years ago I moved here with my mother. Then, I lived here because my family was here. Today, I am living here because I want to engage for a life without war. I am one of thousands of adolescents on planet earth who wish for a world that functions without dominance, suppression and fear.

In summer 2006 we invited three young men from the Peace Community to Tamera. It was shocking for me to see what kind of living conditions they come from. There is hardly any person in the Peace Community of San José who hasn’t lost a member of his/her family through the inhumane brutal murders of an armed group. They live in constant fear of who will be the next innocent person to be murdered..... A friend, a sister or possibly oneself???
Can you imagine to still have the possibility to become a happy human being under such living conditions? I was surprised that the people despite of there situation still carry hope inside, a hope that gives them a joy of life. We cannot allow that they loose even this hope!

So I write to you as a friend of this Peace Community in the name of my school “Youth School for Global Learning” and in the name of the peace research village in Portugal “Tamera Global Campus” and ask you to help that these people are protected from armed groups! We are all born with the right to live, but by the political circumstances this right is taken from the people who live in San Jose. It is my wish that these people can lead a life where they have the liberty to design there own lives without having to fight for survival, and that also the adolescents can live in such a way that their wish for training and education can be fulfilled!
I am thinking about how me, a fifteen-year-old girl can reach you “Mr. President“, how I can communicate it to you that these for me people are real friends, that I together with them I take the same path, the path of peace. You announced that the alleged Peace Community was cooperating with the Guerilla. Have you ever thought about the danger in which you bring these people with such a statement? I can assure you that the community is innocent!

It is a community who decided not to participate in the fight between Guerilla, Paramilitary and State Military. A community who is capable of being mostly self-sufficient and who does everything to be living in peace. Frankly spoken: Somehow you do know that regarding the 168 murders the inhabitants of the Peace Community suffered there is no right or justification for them!

San José has a great significance for our peace research village, because they are living in the middle of a civil war, and if they want to survive, they must radically step out of the system of violence. One of their rules is e.g. to avoid any contact with weapons and armed people; the consumption of alcohol within the village is forbidden! Only this way the are able to live a peaceful live in the present situation in Colombia.
We will continue to support them. We will continue to speak about San José and bring it to the public, into the media, in a way that in future THE WHOLE WORLD will know. And we will continue to support them by visiting the Peace Community San José.

Dear Mr. President: I red that your father was killed by the Guerrilla. Can you remember the pain that you felt then? Every day children whose parents are being killed suffer from this pain, no matter on which side. This must stop! Please help that the constant despair and grief in the hearts of all people on earth can find an end.

In this sense I send you greetings from the heart, hoping that you could understand my wish ... The wish that my friends in Colombia are doing well.

Amalie Johanna Schramm (born in 1992)

- youth school "Global Learning"

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