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8-06-07 17:52
Statement of the Institute for Global Pecework (IGP) - Colombiaproject


Due to an article printed in the Bild Zeitung on the 30th May 2007 in Germany we have taken statements.

About the Article in the Newspaper "Bild Zeitung" from 30th May 2007:
"Raid at a German Sect"

We thank all who, through media work and other means, intensively take an effort for the well being of the missing girl Madeleine McCann.

Nevertheless we want to clarify the following statements concerning the claims that were given about us in the article:

1. We are not a sect and there was no raid here. Also there was never any search warrant taking place at our site.
Indeed in the beginning of May two policemen came to our reception-office, who asked us if we know Madeleine or have seen her. We do not know the girl.
The Portuguese police stated that they visited us – as many other people and places in the Alentejo - to ask us for support concerning the search of the missing Madeleine.

2. No rooms or buildings were searched or "rummaged through", nor any tents, caravans or huts.
Because we have nothing to hide we would have let any of our buildings be looked at on request.

3. We have a friendly and open relation with our surrounding neighbours which is why nobody has to procure admission.

4. None of the people living in Tamera have ever been together with the missing Felix Heger in Tavira or anywhere else.

We want to point out the following statements which have been made about us by people of public life (see link below).

For Information on site we invite you to the international Summer University from 19th-28th of July in Tamera (see link below).

Statement of Gloria Cuartas ex mayor of peace in Apartadó/Colombia

Statement of San José de Apartadó

Voices on Tamera

More information about the Summer University 2007


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