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11-02-07 19:51
Actions to be taken in the Peace Village of San José de Apartadó


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You can use this broshure to inform your friends, other people and initiatives.

From March 20th to 26th the Peace community of San José de Apartadó celebrates its 20th anniversary. Among the various activities planned are: a reunion of children and youths; a meeting of international supporters as well as a meeting of Colombian communities which practice non-violent civil resistance. We want to use these occasion to inform about the state of the project “San José Solar” and to enrol new cooperation partners for this endeavour. During this visit we shall also support the peace community with the following concrete measures:

Solar Technology
The first step in realising San José Solar will be the local purchase of a 2kw installation and to install it in the village of San Josécito. San Josécito is one of the three villages comprising the peace community. It was founded in February, after another eight persons were murdered and the village subsequently occupied by soldiers. For the inhabitants this was an impossible situation since the soldiers constituted more of a threat than the protection they were supposed to provide. They left their houses and some miles away built a new settlement which they called San Josécito. This village so far has little infrastructure. The solar installation is an alternative to the energy provided by the State which up till now has made the village dependent on the authorities. Regularly they have to suffer energy cuts. With the solar installation basic provision can be maintained. We shall meet with Colombian solar engineers to establish a nationwide network in support of San José Solar. Together with them we want to work on a concept for autarkic energy provision at village level and design an educational programme for the study of solar technology. Since San Josécito is located at the shores of a river we shall also test a water turbine which could be an alternative or addition to winning solar engery.

Health Centre for medical primary care (Puesto de Salud)
Andrea Regelmann, Nurse, and Irma Faethke, medical adviser and natural healer, will set up a small medical centre at which the most frequent illnesses can be treated and which will be adequate enough to cover the basic needs of the inhabitants of San José. Two young women from the peace community will be trained to attend to the patients.

There is not one family in San José who does not bemoan the death of relatives - mother, father, brothers, aunts - all having died from violence and murder. The children of the village are heavily traumatized, at the same time these young souls have the imperturbable capacity for self-healing. For them it is important to feel seen by the world, to experience international solidarity and to know to be a part of a global family. They begin to see a possibility to stept out of the spiral of violence and are able to build up hope and a perspective for their own lives. Iris Bijou Lindstedt, a teacher and painter, for some years contributes to the local school by raising funds with the paintings of school children. She is part of our delegation and will help to further develop the school.

Peace Pole “May Peace Prevail on Earth”
Being part of a global peace network is vital for the survival of the peace village. International publicity up to now was able to prevent the liquidation of the village. In cooperation with the inter-religious World Peace Prayer Society we shall erect a peace pole in San José and inaugurate it during the international Meeting.
The World Peace Prayer Society is an NGO and member of the UN. The pole is marked with the words “May Peace Prevail on Earth” in four different languages. It is a silent peace prayer and a daily memory to visualise peace and to hold it to be possible. So far more than 200.000 such peace poles have been erected in more than 160 countries on the Globe.

During the Tamera Summer University 2006 three young men from San José attended the youth school “Global Learning” for the first time. They formulated an intense wish for continued friendship and support for San José de Apartadó. The youth school “Global Learning” plans to offer educational times, each lasting three months, to the young people of San José. The youth school is part of the project “Monte Cerro”, an extensive study programme for global peace work. The content of the study programme comprises: basic knowledge for the development of Peace Research Villages, i.e. ecology, solar technology, clay construction, conflict resolution, community development, networking, foreign languages, peace journalism, truthful understanding between men and women, new science, political theory, spiritual training, art and design.
Especially for young people from areas of conflict “Monte Cerro” offers the possibility to learn peace and communitarian solidarity in surroundings which are free of threat, fear and violence. Our young friends from San José have impressed us with their great curiosity as regards global thinking in peace research and worldwide networking.
( experiment “Monte Cerro)

Financial support
Solidarity for San José means also money. Part of the finances we provided ourselves, some was privately donated from sponsors we were able to activate. More funds are still needed for the purchase of the solar installation and the travel costs for the team.
The banking details you will find below.

Thank You and with warm regards from the
Colombia Team of Tamera
Andrea Regelmann, Katja Long, Martin Funk and Iris Bijou Lindstedt.

IGP - Institute for Global Peace Work – Tamera; Monte do Cerro; P-7630 Colos, Portugal
Tel., Fax – 374;

Account for Donation
Stiftung Förderfond der Freien Gemeinschaftsbank, Basel
Account number: 400.631.3
Account holder: Verein Netzwerk/Tamera
Clearing Number: 8392 - IBAN: CH20 06313 - BIC: RAICH22XXX
Use: "San José Solar" (Note: The Stiftung Förderfond can issue a tax-deductible donation receipt)


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