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GRACE-Pilgrimage Middle East 2007 - Thursday 13. of September
About 150 international peaceworkers, many of them based in the Peace Research Center Tamera, Portugal, including Israelis and Palestinians and two young members of San José de Apartadó will undertake a peace pilgrimage through Israel and Palestine from October 12 to November 9, 2007, led by Sabine ...

By Institute for Global Peacework/IGP, 13-09-07 16:59

news - Tuesday 11. of September
*„Testimone di Pace 2007“
presentacion of prices to the Peacecommunity San José de Apartadó in Ovada/Italy.

*One more dead person in the neighbourhood of San José de Apartadó

By divers, 11-09-07 18:26

San José de Apartadó will receive the Aachen Peace Prize - Thursday 23. of August
On September 1 the Aachen Peace Prize will be awarded. This year it will go to the peace village San José de Apartadó, as a representative of 50 peace villages in Colombia that are non-violently resisting being evicted. In October 2008, in cooperation with the Colombian "University of Resistance", a...

By Institute for Global Peacework, 23-08-07 17:40

Open letter to the European Union - Friday 10. of August
Open letter

The European Union must take a firm stand in defence of truth and justice in Colombia

We urge the EU and its Member States not to help legitimise a ?demobilisation? process which does not respect the rights of the victims.

On 3 October 2005, the Council of the European Unio...

By Kolko-human rights for Colombia, 10-08-07 19:06

Summeruniversity 2007 -Global Campus- in Tamera/Portugal - Tuesday 31. of July
The today´s speech was given by Mara Vollmer with the title: The Revolution of Community (...)
The afternoon had as well the theme power of community, specially with the example of San José de Apartadó, the peace village in Colombia.more

By Tamera, 31-07-07 17:53

Police set up a checkpoint across from the entrance to San Josesito - Monday 30. of July
Yesterday, July 30, 2007, the Police set up a checkpoint across from the entrance to San Josesito, the settlement established by members of the Peace Community of San Jose de Apartado when the Police established a Police station within San Jose. And Yair Jimenez, the public order chief for Antioquia...

By Colombia Support Network, 30-07-07 18:27

Nobel Peace Prize Nomination for San José de Apartadó - Friday 20. of July
The American Friends Service Committee has nominated two Colombian groups for the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize in recognition of their "extraordinary commitment to nonviolence in the midst of that country's 50-year-old conflict, and their exemplification of organized efforts by many Colombians to end that...

By FOR-Fellowship of Reconcilliation USA, 20-07-07 19:54

letter to President Uribe from the youthschool "Global Learning" - Friday 15. of June
Dear Mr. President Uribe:

Right at the beginning of this letter I want to inform you that I am writing to you to ask you to support the Peace Community San José de Apartadó in Colombia by helping to protect this community. You have the power to change every thing; you have the power to stop the b...

By Amalie Schramm, 15-06-07 17:54

Statement of the Institute for Global Pecework (IGP) - Colombiaproject - Friday 8. of June
Due to an article printed in the Bild Zeitung on the 30th May 2007 in Germany we have taken statements.

About the Article in the Newspaper "Bild Zeitung" from 30th May 2007:
"Raid at a German Sect"

We thank all who, through media work and other means, intensively take an effort for the well b...

By Tamera, 8-06-07 17:52

Press Release - San José de Apartadó receives the Aachener Peace Award 2007 - Wednesday 9. of May
Press Release about Mai 08, 2007

We are very pleased that the Peace Village San José de Apartadó in Colombia is going to receive the Aachener Peace Award this year. In this case this price may even save lives: Any international attention protects the brave citizens of San José from the violent a...

By Leila Dregger, 9-05-07 02:10

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