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Participate Now: Help for Colombia, Protection for San José de Apartadó! - Sunday 24. of April
Dear Friends of Tamera:

This is an urgent call for support. The inhabitants of the Peace Community San José de Apartadó, with whom we have been and are connected in deep friendship and intense cooperation for years, need our help now. The Colombian Peace Community is again massively under threat ...

By Andrea Phoebe Regelmann Coordinator of the Colombia-Project of Tamera, 24-04-11 22:12

Monday, November 01st, 2010

To all Peaceworkers,

today, on Monday the 1st of November, the Grace Pilgrimage 2010 starts in Facatativa, Colombia, almost 7800 feet above sea level. We start the Ring of Power at sunrise with a little ritual at ancient stones in a big nature reserve, the so-called...

By by Sabine Lichtenfels (photo), 1-11-10 19:57

Solidarity with Gloria Cuartas - Wednesday 20. of October
The situation is worsening for Gloria Cuartas and Piedad Córdoba in Colombia. They are facing a severe smear campaign. We cannot and do not want to keep silent about the allegations anymore which our long-term friend, the award-winning opposition politician and former peace major Gloria Cuartas is f...

By by Insitute for Global Peace Work -IGP_, 20-10-10 15:33

Global Campus in Colombia 2010- a summary and foresight - Saturday 8. of May
We decided to intesify the cooperation with the Peace Community when we came back from the Global Campus in Colombia, a very intensive and visionary time in Febuary and March. In June and July 2010 six members of the Peace Community will visit Tamera to educate themselves. The education will compris...

By Institute for Global Peace Work, 8-05-10 19:44

Colombia's Elections: Under the Gun - Tuesday 23. of March
Colombia’s congressional elections on March 14 were hailed by the United Nations as the most peaceful in years. The victory of the coalition led by President Alvaro Uribe (see picture) suggests an easy win for his party in the presidential elections scheduled for May 30.

But celebrating the absen...

By By Laura Carlsen- Foreign Policy in Focus, 23-03-10 10:09

"Global Campus" in San José de Apartadó/Colombia - Monday 22. of February
The inhabitants of San José de Apartadó have formed a Peace Community in order regain their dignity, their language and the courage and perspective for a different future. In the past five years, Tamera has supported them in this process and is currently realizing the "Global Campus".

By Sabine Lichtenfels (see photo)- initiator of the Global Campus, 22-02-10 17:24

Global Campus-Second Peace Education Meeting at the Peace Community of San José de Apartadó - Saturday 12. of December
„Creating Models for the Future“
Second Peace Education Meeting at the Peace Community
of San José de Apartadó in Colombia
within the framework of the „Global Campus“ (Tamera)
and the „Universidad de Resistencia de Colombia“
from February 24th to March 5th, 2010

Dear friends,...

By IGP- Institut for Global Peace Work, 12-12-09 17:45

Global Grace Day 2009 - Sunday 8. of November
For us, the Global Grace Day is a day of planetary friendship and hope which we will celebrate together with our beloved ones, friends and cooperation partners in all over the world. Also together with the Peacecommunity San José de Apartadó in Colombia. It is day where we learn to stay with GRACE i...

By Movement for a free earth, 8-11-09 23:51

GRACE Pilgrimage 2009 in Portugal - Sunday 27. of September
The Grace Pilgrimage 2009 starts today, in the Stone Circle of Évora: Sabine Lichtenfels leads the fourth pilgrimage in the name of GRACE. The first pilgrimages from 2005 to 2008 took place through war zones in Israel / Palestine and Colombia. This one will pass through Portugal, a European country....

By Leila Dregger, 27-09-09 22:42

Colombia: Nasa Indigenas ask for help to protect their land - Sunday 13. of September
In the Cauca region of Colombia, the big indigenous group of the Nasa fight with non-violent means for their right and their culture. Fernando Quiguanas, a 21 years young leader of the Nasa youth movement, has been in the Tamera Summer University together with representatives of the Peacecommunity S...

By Leila Dregger, 13-09-09 18:36

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