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21-06-06 13:06
A Human Rights Delegation to Colombia. August 6th-20th, 2006*


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Building Peaceful Resistance to the "Other War":

A Human Rights Delegation to Colombia.

August 6th-20th, 2006

Join the Fellowship of Reconciliation on a Humanitarian Delegation to Colombia this August 6th - 20th. As war rages on in Iraq, four decades of conflict between armed actors in Colombia has led to the killing, displacement, and kidnapping of indigenous people, women, union activists, youth, journalists, and human rights workers. Despite the ties of the government to the most frequent human rights abusers - the paramilitaries - the U.S. continues to fund the Colombian government and fuel the war. Over $740 million, 80%of which is directed towards military and security efforts, is to be delivered under Plan Colombia in 2006.

The FOR delegation will meet with Indigenous, Afro-Colombian, Youth and Women’s organizations, Colombian and U.S. government officials and travel to the Peace Community of San José de Apartadó. Delegates will come to have a greater understanding of the peaceful resistance growing in Colombia, the "drug war", and U.S. military intervention. Our permanent and growing accompaniment work allows FOR to assemble a unique and rich delegation experience.

$1300 covers the cost of all delegation expenses starting in Bogotá, including translation, lodging, meals, in-country transportation and qualified FOR delegation leaders. For more information or an application call 415.495.6334 or email: [email protected]

Applications and a non-refundable deposit of $200 must be received by June 15th, 2006. If interested in applying after the deadline, please contact us to determine availability.


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