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Call for support by a colleague




Dear colleagues of the Print Media, Radio or TV!


Thank you for giving me a moment of your rare time.


Beyond the practical constrains of viewer levels and television ratings, journalism still has to fulfil all the important tasks that its status, in general called the “fourth power in the country”, imposes on it.

Creating transparency, revealing contexts, looking at things that others do not look at. Revealing bent deals, intrigues and scandals – all this and more is part of it.

In the case of the people of San JosÚsito whose situation this dossier is about a further task accrues which unfortunately becomes more and more important in many cases: Creating public to protect people who are in acute danger. As long as the world public doesn’t take notice despots of any kind do whatsoever they want. But as soon as they know that a sensitised public observes them their hands are tied with regard to their own international interests.

International Peace Brigades and Amnesty International attentively observe the processes in Columbia. But this alone is not enough. Only if we manage to create a public the lives of the people in Sanjosesito can be secured and only then there will be room for the hope that their vision of an autonomous neutral peace village in the middle of a conflict zone can be fulfilled as a germ cell of peace. The people from Sanjosesito don’t want money, clothes and food from us – they only want our attention and our support to create public – knowing that this is their only protection shield that can safe their village from elimination by massacre or banishment.


If you were to contribute to create this public I would be very happy. The people from Sanjosesito will be grateful from the bottom of their hearts. I wish that you had had the chance to look these people into their eyes and to shake their hands, as I did. You could, like me, do nothing else than act.


Fredy Kradolfer, Chief Editor Winterthurer Zeitung

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