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The Peace Village San José de Apartadó has to live!

Dear Mr President Alvaro Uribe Vélez


from the new and confirmed information from international observers like Amnesty International, Peace Brigades International and Doctors without Borders I got to know that the peace community San José de Apartadó has become the target of armed attacks since its foundation in 1997. These attacks came from Colombian military, police, para military and guerrilla groups. Men, women and children were chased, hijacked, tortured, their dead bodies often even fragmented.

Now we have received the news that in June 2005 a message was sent to several international organisations advising against supporting the people in San José in any way. The reason: “Cooperation with the guerrilla”, that means: terrorism!

The inhabitants of San José do not own any weapons and participate in no way in the civil war. They follow certain rules in their life for a peaceful community, amongst other things the refuse of alcohol. They do not apply violence. They need protection!

I therefore ask you urgently for a correction vis-ŕ-vis the international public, the embassies, the media and the Colombian population. This statement has to state that San José is a peace community that has no contact to the guerrilla or other armed organisations. We know that the Colombian Constitution says in article 22: “Peace is a duty and a right that is to be granted in a binding way.”

The peace village San José could became a future model for peace and modern solar technology through international cooperation. San José de Apartadó is a carrier of hope for the acceptance of Colombia as a serious south American democracy. Only a country in which peaceful people can live in a peaceful way and in which peace communities are respected from the Colombian government is worthy of receiving international recognition and support. For further assaults I hold the Colombian government responsible.

Please let me know where your statement will be published. I will closely observe the events concerning San José de Apartadó and other peace villages in Colombia further on.


Yours sincerely

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