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Helping the Peace Community can best be done by supporting their projects financially.

Any amount is gratefully received. Please transfer the money to the below mentioned account with reference “San Jose”. The money we receive is used for the purchase of material, for postage, travel costs or direct help for the Peace Community.


Bank Accounts for Donation:



Associação para um mundo humanitário

Caixa Crédito Agrícola S. Teotónio

NIB:00456332 4018 1786 5584 5

IBAN:PT500045 6332 4018 1786 5584 5




Freie GemeinschaftsbankBasel - Stiftung Förderfond

Kontoinhaber: VereinNetzwerk/Tamera

Kontonummer: 400.631.3

Clearing number: 8392

Postal account:Basel: 40-963-0

IBAN:CH200839 2000 0040 06313




International Humanities Center (IHC)

Through IHC, a non-profit organisation with 501 [c] tax exempt status, we are able to offer donors the possibility of giving tax deductible donations. Cheques can be directly sent to:

IHC-International Humanities Center, PO Box 207, Woodland Hills, CA 91365-0207, USA

Pay to: IGP / IHC


For credit card payments please call IGP:



Use: “San Jose” as note in your transfer

(Note:The Stiftung Förderfond can issuea tax-deductible donation receipt)


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The working team: Andrea Regelmann (Coordination); Martin Funk (technic), Iris Lindstedt (school and art) and more co-workers.

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