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Photo gallery on youtube: The Peace Community of San José de Apartadó - a model for civil resistance

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PBI Colombia, 8 September 2010





Grace Pilgrimage 2008 Colombia - Slideshow click here







Photos from the GRACE Pilgrimage 2007 through Israel/Palestine 2007. Arley Tuberquia and Marta Vasquez took part as representatives of the Peacecommunity San José de Apartadó.

(see also the GRACE Pilgrimage website: www.grace-pilgrimage .com)










Photos from San José de Apartadó- march 2007- by Martin Funk (pdf):

- construction of the solar instalation and the drinking water treatment plant

- school and obsequies for the deads

- silent protest to Apartadó

- everyday life and work

- symbolic stonesetting and principles




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