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Moved by the experience of the Grace Pilgrimage in Colombia, Bijou Iris Lindstedt and Martin Funk produced a calendar with images of the Peace community San José de Apartadó. The texts of the calendar with 27 pages are quotations from the book "Future without War" by Dieter Duhm. The calendar is available in English, German and Spanish.





UNTIL THE FINAL STONE (Hasta la ultima piedra)

by Juan José Lozano


The film pays homage to life and peaceful resistance in the middle of war. It recounts the story of a village of Colombian peasants who, having been made targets by all the armed participants, refuse to succumb to the call to violence. The film shows the courage - to the point of self-sacrifice - of these people who struggle simply to be able to live and cultivate their land in peace.


Spanish (French/German/Italian/Norwegian subtitles), colour, Digital Beta, 85 min.

Production: Earthling Productions

Earthling Productions World Premiere: April 2006




by Dieter Duhm


"Who, indeed, can react to what has happened in the former Yugoslavia and what is happening in the Caucasus, in Iraq, in the Congo, in Colombia, in Indonesia, in Russian prisons or Tibetan work camps? Who is still able to react to the fate of children, who are daily the victims of highly organised child pornography? And who is still able to react to the fate of millions of young people in western countries, who have neither a home nor a job to go to? And who is still able to react to the wild inner pain that lovers feel who having once sworn faithfullness are then forced to leave each other?

If we are able to recognise the dimensions of suffering, we will also be able to assess the dimensions of the healing that is necessary. There are possibilities for salvation. They can be found outside our conventional thinking patterns and forms of discussion, but they are as real as the wireless internet or the Hubble telescope in space. Who would have thought 50 years ago that such things would become reality? Given a different focus, the intelligence capable of developing electronic weapon systems is equally capable of developing systems of non-violent co-habitation on earth."

(from "Future without War")

"This book is a powerful formula for achieving peace by peacefulmethods. For us who live under occupation in Palestine, working towardsthe realization of such a perspective provides an answer not only tohow to end the occupation but also to how prevent future conflicts oncethe occupation ends."

(Sami Awad/Palastine)

Dieter Duhm: Future without War
12,80 Euro, 16,80 US-Dollar, 8,80 GBP
ISBN: 978-3-927266-24-7

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